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Visiting my dream furniture company

I decided to visit the company Modellers of Antique Furniture, and there I met their designer/wood carver/guilder/oil painter and all round real master craftsman. I don't think there was one word to describe him, except that to say that he was a true Artist!

Another gift he possessed, was that he could teach! There a many gifted people, but very few can teach well.

After showing me around (and me feeling super excited), I was told that unfortunately the company did not have any vacancies, but they did promise to let me know if one came up. I was very disappointed, not sure why. I shouldn't have been, because they had not advertised for any tradesman. To be honest, I felt lost and very uncertain about my future in the furniture Industry.

So I continued working, mainly carving chair legs, table columns, and sofa components, in a company where I at least had a safe job!

A sample of the style of carving and furniture I was doing at the time.

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