We only make Bespoke Furniture

Eachells Fine Furniture produces bespoke furniture, for people who love their homes and want a superior product of exceptional design.


The galleries below show just some of the many and varied items of furniture that we have crafted for our clients. Whilst the photos show a pretty broad range of styles, we are not limited to these. If you cannot see want you you want, don't worry, just contact us to discuss your ideas and together we will produce a unique and beautiful piece of furniture to grace your home.

Rupert Eachells, master furniture craftsman, created our handmade, custom, one-of-a-kind timber and leather boardroom chairs that are traditional, comfortable, beautiful and of the highest craftsmanship.


Mr. Eachells works by himself to ensure that handmade quality and custom designed pieces are to customer specifications. Rupert designed our elegant boardroom chairs incorporating a swivel mechanism. The hand carved arm pieces and pedestal was an individual work of art rarely seen in this day of the throw away society.


Eachells Fine Furniture performed above our expectations, starting with the shop drawings they produced to the final work. Throughout the project  Imdex was truly impressed by the outstanding quality of the work produced by Eachells Fine Furniture, and, especially, by Rupert’s enthusiasm, personable manner, and professional commitment to the project. Imdex looks forward to working with them in the future and have no hesitation in recommending their work.

– Gary E Weston (Group General Manager

It’s often said...

“you cannot find anybody to make furniture like this!”

...then you haven't tried Eachells Fine Furniture

From Good Wood to Good Wine

My client was given some Sheoak from a friend, who was clearing his property to build. The friend felt the wood was just too good to waste and was sure something beautiful could be made from it – picture 1.


We were asked to design a wine cabinet, something classic and functional, that revealed the beauty of the wood. The client was very happy with the end result, which can bee seen in pictures 2 and 3.

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Bedroom Furniture

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Cabinets – Freestanding and Built-in

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Fire Surrounds

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Mirror Frames

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Music Stands

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Custom Church Furniture

No matter what your specific needs are, we can create custom furniture that will be suitable for your place of worship. Quality and attention are build into every piece of furniture, ensuring it will last for many generations to come.


Some of our work can be seen at the following places of worship.


  1.     Infant Jesus Catholic Church – Morley, Western Australia

  2.     St Martin's Anglican Church – Noranda, Western Australia

  3.     Chisholm Catholic College Chapel – Bedford, Western Australia

  4.     St Andrew's Anglican Church – Subiaco, Western Australia


Whether you are furnishing a new church or replacing/restoring furniture in an older church, we are able to help.

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Eachells Object d' Art

Object d' Art can mean different things to different people, but it means literally "art object", or work of art in French. But in practice, the term has long been reserved in English to describe works of art that are 'not' paintings, large or medium sized sculptures, prints or drawings.


This means that the random object may be described as a high quality work of art, a three dimensional piece of art, with some artistic value or purely a decorative item, used to adorn your home or business premises. It may or may not serve a functional purpose. Whatever it is, it should be a quality piece that is valued for it's beauty and style.