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Eachells Furniture Restoration

Many pieces of furniture include decorative carving, and it is often these parts that suffer from wear and tear the most. Relief and incised carving can be carried out to the highest standard, which will enable a true restoration for any item of antique furniture.


If an antique chair has to be replaced, it has to be done in such a way that the replacement is unnoticeable when placed next to an original. Eachells Fine Furniture has the skill to copy antique chairs, tables etc.

Some examples of before and after restoration

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Singer Sewing Machine 

Before Restoration

The Singer Sewing Machine was left outside, after the owner had lent it to a friend. It was returned in a dilapidated condition.


Besides the extensive damage to the cabinet and carvings missing on the bottom right drawer in particular, the metal base was rusted. It belonged to the owners mother!

Prayer Desk st Martins before-

Church Prayer Desk

Before Restoration

This solid Jarrah Prayer desk was brought to us by a parishioner who asked if I could restore it. As you can see it was in a pretty bad state and praying for some tender loving care.

Sideboard Before.JPG

Jarrah Sideboard

Before Restoration

This sideboard was put on the sidewalk, to be dumped! Unbelievable! Solid Jarrah pieces like this sideboard are rare and worth restoring. It had been made in Perth, Western Australia.


This sideboard is unique. I very much doubt if there’s another Jarrah sideboard like this. It is probably the only one of its kind.

Rupert Eachells has produced several items for Saint Andrew’s Church. These include a carved music stand, two carved memorial boards, and a carved shelf. He also restored and remounted the 1913 hymn board.


Rupert does wonderful work and we turn to him whenever we need wood work of a high quality. I do not hesitate to recommend him as a craftsman of heritage quality wooden items.


– Father Peter Manuel, Rector, St Andrew's Anglican Church, Subiaco

More examples of before and after restoration

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