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Handmade quality gifts for those you love

Australians appreciate and love handmade gifts. Swan Valley Woodcrafts creates gifts that are designed and crafted in Perth, Western Australia, using only the finest craftsmanship. I use  traditional methods, with 52 years of experience, thus creating very high quality products!
These gifts are one of a kind. Some might look the similar, but every flower or leaf is carved individually, making each item unique!
I was taught not to make anything I wouldn’t like myself.
I am passionate about my work, treating every piece I create as a work of art!
I really enjoy what I do!

Dear Rupert


Thank you for this beautiful memento of our spotted gum, Rupert. The jewellery box shows off your work and the timber, beautifully

– Denise

Specised boxes made from local timber

Below can be seen a variety of Jewellery and Essential Oil boxes, made from different types of wood. Some included personalised engraved messages. I can can make whatever type of box you desire from my own timber or yours. Have a tree that you had to have chopped down but want a memento to remember it by? Then how about a unique box made from the timber?

Click on images to see them larger

Dear Rupert


The music stand you made is so beautiful.  When I’m teaching singing students, they stand taller and sing with a fuller tone when using it- it makes them feel very special.  Thank you also for fixing my lever harp.  Your meticulous care has it sounding better than ever!

– Warm wishes, Shamara

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