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My colleague ... a real Wood Machinist

I met Arthur a few years ago, I forget when? What a pleasure meeting a real Wood Machinist. He's a man of very few words, I call him the quiet achiever. I personally don’t know of any other Wood Machinists here in Perth who are as confident as Arthur is on the Shaper Overhead Router.

Wood Machinists are craftsmen who I refer to as Wood Engineers. They are usually the back bone of mass production factories. If they make mistakes a lot can go wrong and the machines they use can also take limbs!

Arthur and myself cutting a rather unusual shaped coffee table top to the finished size.

Real wood machinists like Arthur understand and control machines with immense skill. They are perfectionists! They love what they’re doing, love sharing their skills and teaching others. Sadly, there is nowhere here in Perth for younger people to learn from these skilled experienced craftsmen.

I operate most wood working machines myself, but sometimes a job just needs two pairs of hands to get it done and so we help each other whenever help is needed. Arthur is the owner of Issa Furniture which is located in Bayswater, a suburb of Perth.

The coffee finished table.

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