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A Model Design

Traditional woodcarvers modelled their pieces in wood or clay. Carvers also worked from charcoal drawings. These models were of vital importance, and necessary for the guidance of the carver.

There are still wood carvers out there who model their work in clay, in countries where wood carving is not regarded as old school! One carver in particular, is Patrick Burke, an American, who I consider a real master craftsman!

A craftsman often works from drawings, something only the actual person doing the carving can do.

The above photo shows my full size drawing and the finished wooden cross, before polishing.

The chip carving pattern can be see to the right.

This is a model of a Holy Water Stoup or basin holder. This is usually located near the entrance to a Church, and is often made in stone. I made this Stoup in Tasmania Oak, with carving on the brim. The decorative crosses were gilded in 23kt gold leaf.

This console table was made of French Walnut with a burl veneer top, and burl around the bottom of the base (which can be seen in the picture above).

After doing a full size drawing of the table, I carved a model of the leg, using Jelutong timber, which is easy to carve, and also used by pattern makers.

This is a sample for my latest project, a pair of bespoke French Walnut cabinets, which I designed for a client in Perth. The carving is for the pelmet, which is fitted across the top of both cabinets, and approximately 10 metres in length.

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