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The Environment

There is much talk about caring for the environment, and what we need to do to protect it. But, every year Australians regularly dump their furniture and household items, just to update them. In some cases, the furniture, mostly imports, is so poorly made, that it has to be replaced!

In the long term, it damages the environment, potentially spoiling it for our children and their children to come!

If the furniture, was designed and manufactured properly in the first place, we could avoid this problem. But sadly, this solution seems to fall on deaf ears, and there’s always the lame excuse "it’s Old School", and we don't like it any more, and so our environment suffers.

My contribution to help protect the environment, is RESTORATION!

I’d like to show you a good example of what can be done. I designed and manufactured this sofa about 25 years ago, structurally it was still sound, but it needed a “facelift”.

So I decided to change the fabric and guild the base, using 24k Australian Gold!

The result is a timeless piece of furniture that will last for decades, or longer. Comfortable, and will never look out of place in any (modern or traditional) home.


... but in a class of its own!

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