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So What Am I?

The French referred to a furniture designer/maker as a Menuisier. This is a furniture maker who specialises in hand carving and joinery. But I think the term furniture designer/maker is more appropriate for the Western World.

I design and manufacture Period Style Furniture. Mostly bespoke pieces. Plus I restore and copy Antique Furniture. I repair and make any sort of wooden pieces, varying from walking sticks and jewellery boxes, to large built cabinets and entire dining settings.

I also do gold leafing (gilding). I use imitation leaf (Dutch leaf) or real gold leaf if requested. One of the largest pieces I’ve ever gilded, on which I used 24 Karat Australian Gold Leaf, was the statue of the Angel Moroni. It is almost four metres tall and resides on the the roof of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Yokine which is one of Perth's suburbs.

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