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My Story

I started an apprenticeship in February 1968. On my first day I was introduced to my teacher and got to see some of the most beautiful furniture! I immediately fell in love with the art of wood carving and became very interested in learning all about it.

Apprentices were supplied with a written guide explaining what they were suppose to do and what they could expect to learn over the next four years. The reality of what was happening soon set in, and I realised that what had expected to be taught and what the company had in mind, was quite different.

During our first few months we started working on simple carving jobs, using some of the teachers spare tools. There were only two of us, the first apprentices at the company to learn furniture design and carving. We eventually received our own carving chisels, which were imported from Germany, and a gift from the owners!

The second year I became a bit concerned, because we hadn’t been giving any drawing exercises. When I approached our teacher and ask why not, he seemed rather surprised, and annoyed. Something I never did understand. I reminded him why I thought we needed drawing lessons, and he reluctantly agreed.

The pictures are of some of the drawing exercises we were given to do.

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