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Fire Surrounds

The Fire Place was designed in 18th century, by a person named Count Romford. Mantles and fire surrounds are decorated fasciae that surround the actual fire itself, and are fixed to the wall.

I believe the fire place symbolises the family, and the place where they gathered during cold winters.

I have designed and manufactured quite a few bespoke Fire Surrounds, mostly in solid Jarrah, from pictures or client's requests. I have also designed and carved them in the client's choice of timber.

This fire surround I designed in the early 1990’s. It is a combination of American White Oak, with Oak Burl veneer inserts.

These corbels are hand carved, and very different to most corbels used in Perth, which are cheap imports.

This contemporary fire surround is what most fire surrounds nowadays are designed for. Gas fire heaters are brilliant, as long as the fan works properly, and moves the heat away from the surround. This clients love of gumnuts and leaves, is featured on several other bespoke pieces of furniture, that I have designed and made for them over the past 25 years. I am currently making a dining table in solid Jarrah, with gumnuts and leaves carved on the legs and rails, to match the other furniture.

This fire surround was designed to match the detail on the ceilings of the Federation style home.

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