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When designing period style furniture, you must be able to draw! Especially for hand carved furniture. Sadly you can’t rely on furniture designers. In my 50+ years I haven’t met, or known of any period furniture designers who were capable of designing for wood carvers!

When you design for wood carving, the drawing must look like the actual finished carving. You are really "modelling" the end product. Better still would be a clay model, a method they used in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

This is not just a job! I was taught that creating something with you hands, is an expression of yourself. One is inspired by the process itself.

The Creative Mind never stops!

This is full scale drawing of a Wall Table and the finished Wall Table, before polishing. I got my inspiration from the Louis XV style. I usually only sketch full scale sections, which is all one requires to make patterns. This particular client requested a full scale drawing of the complete piece, so they could visualise what the end product would look like. It adds to the cost, but is sometimes important when doing real BESPOKE pieces.

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