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At long last, a Blog, today 28 July 2020!

I promised to start one, a while ago, but circumstances prevented that.

About Myself

I started an apprenticeship on the 8th February 1968, 52 years ago! Unbelievable!! I didn't plan to be a furniture designer/maker, but with limited choices back then, I thought it was the best option for myself. I was also encouraged by my Wonderful Mother (my Hero) and older brother Trevor, who at that time, had just started an apprenticeship as a veneer cutter. Veneer cuttings decorate the surfaces of high value furniture. They are prepared by hand, and have a long, illustrious history for hundreds of years.

On my first day of work, I was shown a period style piece of furniture, and immediately loved it!

So that’s how it all began, all those years ago!

Here I am taken in front of my stand at the WA Wood Show in Perth.

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