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A Dream come True

Nine months after my visit to the furniture business, Modellers of Antique Furniture, I got the surprise of my life! A call from one of the owners, asking me if I was still interested in a job?

I had to contain myself. Yes please I quietly answered. It was a Friday afternoon and he suggested I call in on my way home on Monday, if that was convenient for me? I replied that I was happy to come over the next day, on Saturday if that was possible? There was a moment of silence. He seemed rather surprised, asking me "You really want to come over on a Saturday my boy?" I'd love too, I thought

! An opportunity to work for one of the best companies in the world, and some of the best craftsman I’d known ... I didn't want to wait a moment longer!

This was the first Period Style cabinet I designed and completed with my brother Trevor. He was responsible for the excellent crown mahogany veneering, on the doors and drawers! My inspiration came whilst working during my first year at Modellers of Antique Furniture.

I had to take my apprenticeship papers with me, I guess to prove I wasn’t a what we called "a back yard tradesman" and anything else that was relevant to my work.

I showed him an award I got for carving furniture. He remarked how pretty it was, and jokingly suggested that I must be very good, because he had never received any awards. That was a very important lesson for me. Awards can be misleading, and are only the opinions of one or two people. I was also reminded that I had three months to prove myself, and if he was not satisfied, I would be ask to leave!

I was given an increase within the first six weeks!!!  I was officially accepted at the "University of Furniture", a dream come TRUE!

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